Client Agreements

Every product implementation undertaken for a Customer by Webinfinity, or by a Webinfinity Partner, must be carried out in accordance with Webinfinity's Subscription Agreement ("the Agreement").

The Subscription Agreement defines the legal basis on which the Product and any related Services are to be provided. The Agreement will have one or more related Order Form(s) which define the scope, timing and price to be paid for the Product.

Prospective clients will be provided with a copy of the Webinfinity Subscription Agreement and a sample Order Form on request.

Use of Webinfinity website

Webinfinity's Partner Program is designed to help Partners open more doors to new business, strengthen the connections with existing Customers and increase their revenue from software licenses and, where relevant, service income. When joining this program, Partners will have the ability to capitalize on Webinfinity's unique technology and ongoing marketing initiatives. With compelling incentives and ongoing sales support, Webinfinity's program enables Partners to augment their in-house specialties and increase their competitive advantage.

The program looks to identify the right partnership Level for each potential Partner. Webinfinity focuses on building long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with companies who share our passion for promoting industry growth, working collaboratively with our business Partner community and exceeding Customer satisfaction. The Webinfinity partnership strategy strives to provide the best partnership paradigm, with the most return, backed by the entire Webinfinity team's commitment to utmost Customer satisfaction.Webinfinity's Partner Program offers three Levels of Membership:

  • Referral Partner
  • Solution Provider
  • Service Provider

To Become a Member at any level a prospective Partner must enter into a Partnership Agreement relevant to that level. Solution Providers and Service Providers are also required to undergo certification training prior to entering into a Partner Agreement.

Prospective Partners will be provided with a copy of a Webinfinity Partner Agreement on request. For information on Customer or Partner Agreements contact: