Webinar: The 6 Steps to Winning the Partner Engagement War

In today's business climate, the key to partner revenue growth is making it easy for partners to drive demand and close deals with you. Join us for a look into how the world's most innovative partner programs are winning the "partner engagement war" and boosting sales success with more of their partners.

Join recognized sales and marketing strategist Mike Moore of Averetek and partner program veteran and advisor Chris Becwar of Webinfinity to learn how to create a winning partner engagement strategy.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get tips for fully enabling partners to go to market for you in BOTH a Sales and Marketing capacity
  • Learn techniques for ensuring powerful, targeted, and effective enablement throughout the partner lifecycle
  • See what recent Comptia and SiriusDecisions studies are telling us about the changing nature of the partner and what they are looking for from you
  • Get insights for evolving your partner team – and programs - from being “you-centric” to more “partner-centric”.