The Next Normal: Focus on Partner Engagement Webinar

Webinfinity and Channel2Go have joined forces in providing a service to enhance the engagement connections you have with your partners.

The pandemic has accelerated the transformation to digital in every type of business. As we have seen in highly successful consumer businesses such as Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest, user engagement is the critical business process.

In this webinar, Webinfinity and Channel2Go lay out the current economic drivers for this transition to digital. They underscore the critical success factors for driving engagement. They describe the process by which enterprises can get ahead of the next normal imperative for partner engagement.

Watch the webinar and also read about how Webinfinity and Channel2Go might be able to help you with their joint Next Normal Partner Engagement process.

There is also a PDF of the presentation that is available for download here.


Webinar Speakers


James Hodgkinson, CEO and Founder at Webinfinity, shares the critical success factors for partner engagement.


William Gilsing, President, Channel2Go, shares how to assess, re-calibrate and measure your partner engagement practices for the next normal.