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Redefining the Employee, Partner and Customer Experience — Now

If You’re Relying on Yesterday’s PRM Technology, You’re Already Losing the Game.

No one has ever loved partner relationship management (PRM) systems. They’ve never really worked the way each person in the chain really wished they would. They’ve always been something of a necessary evil.

PRM systems have always been cumbersome and at least slightly inadequate. Even today — as the demand for PRM is growing and technology is advancing at seemingly breakneck speed in every other corner of our lives — PRM is at best failing to meet its potential in one or more critical ways. All of this is especially true for the technology industry, which arguably operates the most complex channel and partner ecosystem in the business universe.

Our white paper “Redefining the Employee, Partner and Customer Experience — Now” explains exactly why PRM is failing and how Webinfinity is disrupting the status quo with an entirely new user experience.

Redefining the Partner Experience — Now