Webinfinity Ecosystem Engagement Engine Capabilities

The Webinfinity engagement automation engine intelligently and automatically connects business users to the people, information, tools, application and system resources they need to get done what they need to do - without friction, organization barriers, or system silos.

This document provides a detailed overview of all of the components comprising the engine.

The components are categorized into four main areas including:

  • Experience Automation: Details how highly personalized experiences are delivered automatically at scale for any type of relationship, persona, geography and task.
  • Engagement Management: Details the spectrum of configurability capabilities designed to create, curate and manage user engagement by non-technical users.
  • Data and Intelligence: Describes the spectrum of engagement analytics available out-of-the-box in the engine.
  • Connector Framework: Describes the various methods available in the engine to connect external applications including CRM, external content repositories, best-of-breed applications, all available through the engine’s unifying single pane of glass.