Experience Automation

The Webinfinity engagement automation engine delivers completely unique personalized experiences for any type of user with almost any language ... automatically.

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User Experience

User-first design for engagement.

Component Overview Features
Content Experience
Advanced functionality to target content by user profile and to enable users to more easily find what they need
  • Manage multiple content types
  • Deliver profile-driven assets by groups or individual users
  • Preview documents
  • Subscribe to content feeds with auto-notification
  • Seamless delivery of content integrated from external systems Manage/display content owners and editors
  • Manage/display content versions
Curated assets (web pages, collections, interests)
Group assets in an infinite number of ways to drive engagement
  • Manually curate collections of assets
  • Automate curation through tag selection
  • Curate within the portal or between the portal and external applications
  • Create guided experiences with web pages
Transactional Experience
Manage transactional objects from any source through the portal. Workflow to support any business process; content automatically recommended to support any transactional flow.
  • Deliver any transactional object from any source system into portal
  • Bi-directionally add/edit data records between portal and source system
  • Support any transactional business process with workflow configuration
  • Automate suggested content based on transactional attributes
Third-Party UX
Seamless authentication and embed of any third party application within the portal
  • Seamlessly authenticate from portal to third-party application
  • Seamlessly embed third party UX/content source
  • Provision user intelligence real-time to third-party applications
Collaboration efficiencies are enabled without leaving the application - subscriptions/notifications, content sharing and commentary, recommendations within and between the portal and external applications.
  • Receive in-app and email notifications
  • Enable public and private user comments on content
  • Add/remove collaborators to any asset
  • Enable user to "like" content
  • Share content with other portal users
Save and share multi-asset searches. Automatic suggested search based on keyword input
  • Search/filter across any asset types
  • Display relevant filter options based on search results
  • See search suggestions
  • Create and share saved searches based on meta-data
Performance optimized around user experience expectation
  • Page loads
  • UX loads
  • Search performance
Responsive design for mobile devices; mobile application integration via API.
  • View UI from any device
  • Enjoy mobile performance equivalent to desktop

Experience Management

Automated curation, localization, distribution of any type of asset, different user types, in specific locations.

Component Overview Features
SSO/User/Profile Management
Menu-driven approach to user profile management within the application. SSO and external system profile connections for account status and permissions authentication.
  • Single log-in/user identity
  • Administrator-managed user activation/de-activation
  • User-managed profile and password maintenance
  • Email and notifications preferences
  • User terms and conditions (including GDPR)
Easy content publishing including classification, search terms, audience controls. Pubishing governance for different types of publishers with different roles.
  • Experience creation/delivery managed through application
  • Easy content publishing
  • Easy targeting of specific audiences
  • Quick addition of search terms for optimization
  • All without technical support required
Web Pages
Quickly curate guiding web pages with dynamic and role-based sections and content
  • WSIWYG HTML editor for content creation within web pages
  • Create pages with associated metadata
  • Create sections with widgets that can be restricted by role
  • Create dynamic content feeds
  • Embed content from any source s
Transactional Objects
Easy configuration of transactional objects such as deals, relationships, partners, customers, roles
  • Templated designs for admin; completely admin-configurable
  • Rules for suggested content automation
  • Workflow steps and stages
  • Form creation with conditional logic
Individual assets and applications/page labels delivered in all global languages including non-standard character support.
  • Label translation management
  • Content in any language
  • Grouped translations - parent-child association
  • Support of non-standard international character sets
Asset Publishing
Cross-media and cross-appication asset publishing
  • Upload documents from any source
  • Upload/embed video or audio files from any source
  • Upload/classify and add user intelligence to content from external systems

Data and Intelligence

Deep on-demand visibility into user behavior against key business drivers.

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Connector Framework

Integrating content and applications from anywhere to create a unified, frictionless experience for users.

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