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Deliver engaging experiences for your partners to drive their success and yours.

Whatever the shape or size of your partner community, Webinfinity presents your partners and partner managers with a single pane of glass experience streamlining access to all key systems, content and tools, in an interface they’ll love to use.

  • Communications - deliver highly targeted communications and calls to action based on the personal profile of each partner user
  • Sales - drive increased deal flow through simplified partner lead, opportunity and incentives management
  • Marketing - provide partners with enablement, tools and content they need to drive increased demand for your products
  • Support - provide sales engineering and technical teams with everything they need to service your customers effectively

Increase engagement with your employees for improved productivity and profitability.

All employees (and employers) are not created equal. Inspire and engage your team with personally tailored experiences for everyone, regardless of their role.

  • Executives - provide easy and secure access to performance dashboards, business updates and strategic content from any device
  • Sales and Marketing - educate and enable new hires through experienced sellers and everyone in between
  • Operations - Drive performance in all areas of your business with contextual experiences that enable your team members to take control of their own content, communication and collaboration in one unified hub
  • And everyone else …. Engage prospective hires, board members, HR teams and pretty much anyone else who shows up in the morning

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Providing customers with a high impact, digital service is a critical ingredient in the modern enterprise. Webinfinity makes it easy to create personalized experiences that will support the individual needs of your customers, including:

  • Communications - target personalized messages and calls to action to your customers in real time
  • Support- provide easy access to content and systems that will drive customer self-service and increased satisfaction
  • Learning and Enablement - deliver a unified training experience helping your customers maximize ROI on your solutions
  • New Sales Opportunities - drive sales promotions and upsell product offerings based on customer profile, location and role

Make your dealers successful with your products.

Depending on the product lines you sell, providing a contextually relevant, personalized experience to your dealers is not easy without automation! Webinfinity can provide your dealers with a highly focused, curated experience built around the specific needs of each and every person in your ecosystem.  

  • Dealer Communications - provide real time updates and alerts on key dealer information such as pricing updates, sales promotions or product recalls
  • Sales - easily distribute leads and track the status of dealer opportunities through simplified workspaces that will help your dealer reps close dealers
  • Marketing - easily provide curated marketing and social content based on the product lines your dealers carry and the territories they support
  • Transactional Support - provide easy access to your existing support, order entry and financial management systems via our next generation portal interface

Accelerate your prospects’ understanding of your unique value for their business initiatives.

Keeping the attention of your prospective customers is challenging without the personal touch. Webinfinity enables you to create and curate experiences around a specific buyer journey- keeping in close communication and contact throughout every step of the process:

Content - provide your prospects with deal specific resources enabling prospects to research your products and solutions in their own time
Collaboration - stay connected to your prospects using in-app features such as content sharing, comments and live chat
Support - prospect requests for information and content in real time

Improve supplier productivity in working with your company.

Effective management of existing and prospective suppliers is challenging without a structured approach. Webinfinity enables the easy onboarding and support of your supplier network through simplified, personalized experiences.

  • New Suppliers - provide access to briefing content, company information and secure content upload to support new RFI/RFP processes
  • Existing Suppliers - a personalized window into everything your supplier needs to be successful - for example a creative agency who needs your source image files, a PR company who needs your latest announcements or a research company who needs to upload their data
  • Supplier Sales Referrals - suppliers can bring you new opportunities if you make it easy for them to do so. Webinfinity streamlines the process through simplified supplier referral leads, fully integrated with your CRM system

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With working from home now the “new normal” it's more important than ever to provide your team with an online experience that makes them feel connected while seamlessly delivering the support, resources and tools they need to be highly effective.

Webinfinity makes this easy with powerful and simple experiences that will help you:

  • Keep the team updated with highly relevant content and communications
  • Simplify access to content, resources and tools
  • Enable collaboration around key activities such as sales opportunities
  • Provide a unified experience across all company divisions and departments

The effective support of your business partners can significantly impact revenue growth and customer retention.

Webinfinity provides partner account managers with workspaces enabling the effective management of partner relationships at scale:

  • Creation of tailored partner content and communications for any type of partner or user in any region or language
  • Ability to manage partner onboarding and nurturing throughout their lifecycle
  • Management of partner profile, users, roles and permissions enabling the easy identification of new organizations and contacts
  • Tracking of key partner engagement and performance metrics in one place

As the world shifts increasingly towards marketplaces and joint solution selling, the ability to easily engage with strategic partners is becoming mission critical.

Webinfinity makes it easy to create collaborative relationship workspaces that will enable teams across different companies to work together more effectively.

  • Easy to use collaboration and workflow tools to facilitate activities such as business or marketing planning
  • Organization of content and communications in the specific context of the relationship between the companies
  • Ability to promote Alliance Partner solutions to other members of the ecosystem, for example- promotion of Alliance Partner solutions to internal sales teams or other types of business partners

The simplified execution of business processes between different ecosystem members has the potential to dramatically increase sales and operational productivity in your company.

Webinfinity provides a consistent unifying interface across a disparate ecosystem of technology vendor systems and applications. Key functionality can include:

  • MDF and incentive claims workflow management
  • Content curated by vendor and vendor business initiative
  • VAR deal flow by vendor and by VAR business initiative
  • Vendor performance management dashboards

In a highly competitive environment, providing your customers with a qualitative personal experience can be a key differentiator for your business.

Webinfinity enables the easy creation and delivery of individualized portals for your customers, based on their specific profile, role and needs. This serves to both enhance your brand while providing easy access to important customer content and online tools. Easily enable:

  • Tailored customer updates and communications created by your internal teams
  • Customer self service through direct access to private content and systems you provide for their use
  • Tracking of key customer engagement and performance metrics in one place

Effectively supporting valuable team members that identify and close new business should be a critical priority in any modern enterprise.

Webinfinity weaves together the content and systems that power the sales engine, providing a single point of entry for all team members based on their specific role or needs.

  • Guide sales journeys through curated content and workflows aligned with your specific sales processes
  • Quickly create custom, high impact prospective client portals to provide truly personalized experiences for your sales prospects
  • Easily identify deal winning content through seamless collaboration with both corporate and individual marketing contributors
  • Direct access to CRM data and sales intelligence from a single, unified portal experience

Pre and post sales, effective strategic account management can be a cornerstone of success in the modern enterprise.

Webinfinity connects strategic account and account-based marketing teams for collaboration, knowledge transfer and qualitative customer engagement via easy to use portal interfaces.

  • Personalized portal experiences providing strategic prospects and clients with a high impact digital view of your business and product offering
  • Automated organization and distribution of all the relevant content, communications and tools relating to the strategic account
  • Centralized visibility relating to strategic account engagement and performance

Virtual events are now a staple of most enterprises and the companies that do the best job of managing these events will have a significant competitive advantage.

Webinfinity provides a highly flexible and infinitely configurable workflow engine that enables the easy design and implementation of collaborative business processes such as:

  • Partner to vendor deal registration
  • Partner to vendor marketing funds management (online funding requests)
  • Customer to vendor product trial request approval
  • Vendor to partner marketing lead assignment and acceptance

For Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, managing effective digital relationships with existing and prospective portfolio companies is a major advantage.

Using out of the box capabilities, Webinfinity generates unique experiences that will effectively address the needs of portfolio managers and their ecosystem of portfolio companies.

  • A personalized workspace that will unify all content, communications and performance reports in the context of each portfolio company covered by a particular PE principal
  • Two-way interaction between fund managers and their portfolio companies to facilitate the delivery, presentation and storage of contextually relevant and time sensitive information.
  • Ability to extend capabilities to help manage engagement with portfolio company boards

In today’s world, managing effective relationships with board members and investors needs to be a lot more than just a quarterly meeting.

Webinfinity provides capabilities to easily build and maintain dedicated portal views for your board members and investors, securely delivering curated content in real time.

  • Secure delivery of confidential board and investor materials
  • Frequent company updates and announcements based on the chosen interests of the user
  • Easy access to company performance metrics/dashboard via a single unified workspace

Create Your Own Activity

The activities highlighted on our website are just a flavor of the kind of use cases Webinfinity can support. Through configuration, our platform can be leveraged to address a myriad of different needs across totally diverse types of ecosystems.

For example (these are all ideas we are working on!)

  • A charity looking to engage it’s members and regional branches
  • An online platform to manage sports team coaching and performance professionals
  • A network of investors looking for new opportunities to fund startups

If you have an idea of how Webinfinity could be used to help maximize your ecosystem - we’d love to hear from you. We are passionate about exploring new ideas, particularly projects that have the potential to make the world a better place.


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